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About FAQ

How do I join PICCS?

PIRE graduate student researchers will be recruited principally from among the existing neuroscience graduate programs in the GHUC. In addition, the graduate programs of the Departments of Physiology & Biophysics at HU and GU may contribute students.

There will be at first a pre-selection among available candidates by the PIRE Admissions Committee, consisting of the GU and HU principals (Rauschecker and Graf) and at least two other faculty members in close consultation with the respective thesis advisor. The Admissions Committee will determine whether a given student would fit and benefit from the scientific means available at the host institution. In the end, preference will be given to optimal matches, timing considerations and promotion of minority students. Candidates for the PIRE program at the post-doctoral level will undergo the same selection process as  described above for graduate students.

We will be supervising the matching and progress of a maximum of five to seven students and fellows at any one time per year.

How long is a PICCS visit?

The duration of the stay abroad will vary depending on the nature of the projects and the availability of instructors and support personnel. Ideally, we are aiming for a minimum stay of two months for a given research initiative, that can be extended in consultation with the Admissions Committee and the international principals to a duration of up to 12 months.

Do I need to know something about the culture in the place I want to visit?

Students will receive cultural orientation from the PIRE principals at the home institution (Dr. Rauschecker and Dr. Graf) in advance.

In particular, there were no language problems since in the international research environment English is the language of choice. Furthermore, enough common time was shared for social activities outside the laboratory to allow the student familiarization with the customs and language of the host institution's country.

Do I need to find my own apartment?

All students will receive lodging in international student residences provided by the Host Institutes.

Do I need to get my own health insurance?

Health insurance will be provided by  the home institution, as has been customary for other international exchange  projects, or through a private provider.

Do I need to apply for a Visa?

There are no current visa requirements for US students traveling to Europe, especially Germany and France.

I need help learning the language of the country I'm visiting!

The Departments of German and French at GU offer semester-long classes for our students without tuition, or summer intensive courses for a fee.


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